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Atabey is an ancestral mother of the indigenous Taino. She was worshipped

as a divine ancestral spirit who represented the Earth Spirit, lakes, rivers, and

all creation. This spirit was one of the most important for the native tribes that

inhabited the Caribbean islands of the Antilles, mostly in Puerto Rico (Borikén),

Hispaniola, and Cuba.


The origins of our brand

Our Mission

We value our customers. We make it our duty to provide an active customer-centric approach gear to collectively build a cohesive team experience. We put your needs first to ensure a steadfast process. We go the extra mile.


José Vargas 

Making Your Vision a Reality

Hello, my name is Jose Vargas, your trusted Real Estate Broker. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from the Columbia Southern University. A former member of the U.S. Army with an active Secret Security Clearance and a career of 20 years of service in the Quartermaster Branch. I demonstrated experience in designing and implementing effective training programs as well as applying problem solving skills. I work well in demanding environments with the ability to organize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. During my time in the military service, I was able to perform in various echelons of leadership. Some of the key skills learned are:

Interpersonal Skills • Leadership Ability • Strategic and Critical Thinking • Team Building • Resource and Maintenance Management • Training Developmen

I am new to the industry of real estate, but committed to

excellency performance. Further, our team of expert

provide coachingand mentoring as needed. I love to

stay fit as a whole (physically and mentally).

I practice yoga, pilates, and spinal infusion movements.

I also enjoy the outdoors to include bike riding, hiking,

beach tennis / beach paddle, and salsa dancing.

Though, two of my enriching passtimes are reading

andmeditation. Recommended lectures: Hua Hu

Ching (81 meditaciones taoístas) by Lao Tse,

How succesful people think by John C. Maxwell,

Do it today by Darius Foroux, The magic

of thinking big by David Schwartz, and

Master Key by Napoleon Hill’s.

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